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About Labour Friends of Scotland

Why We’re Here

Scotland is critical in making sure Keir Starmer becomes the next Prime Minister in 2024. Without a resurgence in Scotland the hope of a Labour-led, progressive and socially just society in the UK is dimmed, if not dashed.


We can’t let that happen. We can’t let nationalist rhetoric of any kind drown out the concerns of ordinary people and we won’t let divisive politics mask a lack of economic prosperity and social progress. Scotland is important to all of us whether we live there or not.


We are here because we believe a resurgent Labour in Scotland is possible. Scottish Labour has strong new leadership, excellent elected representatives and enthusiastic party workers. But they need all the support they can get. We can all help.


We invite you all to join.


For Labour. For Scotland.

Message from
Ian Murray MP 

Working with Labour Friends of Scotland

"Wherever I go in the country people ask me what they can do to help in Scotland. They know a Labour government must run through Scotland.


The work Labour Friends of Scotland does to connect Labour members and supporters across the UK, giving them the tools they need to engage and help the Scottish Labour Party, is vital for a resurgent Labour in Scotland and a Labour Prime Minister in Number 10".

Ian Murray, Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland and Labour MP for Edinburgh South


How you can help 


Join us today and play a vital role in helping Labour in Scotland. Membership is open to all UK Labour members and supporters.


Donate now to help us stay online and to keep supporting Scottish Labour's campaigns for the next election and beyond.

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Join Us

Join us today to help play your part in supporting Labour in Scotland. You can read our privacy policy here

Thanks for joining!

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