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About Us

The story of Labour Friends of Scotland

Labour Friends of Scotland has been established by Labour supporters across the UK to advocate a clear vision for Labour in Scotland and its critical role in the case for all four nations working together for a more open, optimistic and outward-looking country.


Labour Friends of Scotland will provide the platform and the tools for Labour supporters all across the UK to gain a better understanding of the challenges and the complexity of Scottish politics, to amplify key voices and arguments and to engage confidently in national (and personal) conversations about the issues.

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Our Aims

To provide a platform for all Labour supporters to gain a better understanding of Scotland and give them the tools they need to engage confidently in Scottish politics.


To maintain and develop positive relationships and connections with Labour supporters across the UK.


To act as a link between members, the Parliamentary Labour Party and Scottish Parliamentary Labour Party to assist in fundraising, campaigning, and events.


To put on regular special events, training and campaigning activities to support Scottish Labour and their campaigns across Scotland and beyond, including in local, Scottish Parliamentary and general elections.


To advocate for a socially just Scotland in a modern United Kingdom.

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