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#ScotLab23: Labour Friends of Scotland in Edinburgh

At our annual Scottish Conference in Edinburgh this year we sat down with Pat McFadden MP, Jackie Baillie MSP and Paul Waugh from The i Paper.

As conference fell just days after Nicola Sturgeon's resignation, it was an incredibly lively discussion around her legacy and the situation this leaves Scottish Labour in.

It was clear from our speakers that we must avoid any detrimental sense of hubris from the electoral decline of both the Tories and the SNP. Jackie Baillie in particular stressed the point that in order to win we must get to the heart of what voters are asking for, and simply put, we must win the next election rather than it be lost by the SNP or the Tories.

Given Pat McFadden's brief in the Shadow Cabinet, much of the debate was dominated by our current economic situation and it was stressed that the next General Election will be fought on these grounds.

We are in a trap of low economic growth, there is pressure on taxation that is not producing the dividend for public services, hence we are experiencing stagnation. Sunak and Hunt are managing this decline and it is going to be Labour's job to steady the ship. Pat was clear that this will be an enormous challenge as we head into government inheriting a very damaged economic landscape and we are yet to pass the essential test of being trusted with the economy, but we are beginning to pass this test and beginning to prove to people that we have the skills, the expertise and the politics to generate the growth that people need to start seeing in their household income.


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