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Post-election briefing with Anas Sarwar MSP

We are incredibly proud of the positive campaign the Scottish Labour Party ran in May, which shaped the entire Scottish Parliament election. Scottish Labour Leader Anas Sarwar's optimism, energy and message of unity has put Scottish Labour back on the pitch.

But the election of an SNP minority government propped up by the Greens means the threat of a Scotland dominated by constitutional paralysis remains. We need your help to deliver the message that Scottish Labour are not just an opposition to the SNP, they are an alternative. Only then can we ensure focus is on building a fairer and more equal Scotland within the UK.

We would therefore be delighted if you are able to join us on Thursday 8th July at 7pm for a virtual post-election briefing and Q&A with Anas Sarwar MSP. We will discuss the recent Scottish Parliament election results, Anas' vision for Scottish Labour and how LFoS can help achieve a Labour resurgence in Scotland.

There will be ample opportunity to ask questions, but should you wish to submit any in advance please email


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